Sunday, 19 September 2010

SQL Bits

SQL Bits The 7 Wonders of SQL Server conference registration is now open.

This is the biggest – and in my opinion the best – SQL Server conference in Europe. It runs from Thursday September 30th with a training day through the premium Friday conference to the free Community day on Saturday October 2nd. Register at and I look forward to seeing you in York.

This will be my 4th SQL Bits and hopefully my first presenting. I have submitted a session on data visualisation best practice ‘Lies, Damn Lies and Pie Charts’ where I will use a selection of good and bad visualisations to talk through why some things work while others don’t. As with any meaningful discussion on this topic I will be referencing the work of Stephen Few ( and Edward Tufte (

Once you have registered you will have an opportunity to vote for the sessions that you would like to see presented – this does not obligate you to attending your selections, you can decide that on the day. So please vote for Lies, Damn Lies and Pie Charts plus any other 9 sessions you like the sound of at once you have registered.



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